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« the green island Trinacria, where the flock of the sun grazes ». Homer, Odissey

We work pistachio according to tradition

Inheriting a thirty years experience in the restaurant business, Sciara reinterprets the traditional craftsmanship in a modern and innovative way. The company has established itself in the home market thanks to the careful selection of raw materials by offering excellent quality pistachio products. Simple and natural ingredients make Sciara pistachio products irresistible, unique pieces of authentic Bronte pastry tradition.

Sciara Bronte products
cuore di pistacchio

History of the Pistachio in Bronte

The pistachio of Bronte, in dialect “frastuca”, is a fruit native to the Mediterranean basin that has always been used for direct consumption, in pastry and for flavoring food. It is no exaggeration to say that the pistachio plant is old as the world, today called “green gold” for its high commercial value. The town of Bronte, in fact, made the most of this fruit, which, although is part of only 1% of world production, is characterized by being the best in the world. The production of Bronte represents, however, the 95% of this small 1% ,with its 5000 small producers and more than 30000 tons of product every 2 years.

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