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Sciara Christmas

Sciara Christmas specialties. Handcrafted Panettone made with natural yeast, without preservatives or dyes, and delicious gift ideas that will amaze you and your guests.

Pistachio Panettone

Naturally leavened Pistachio Panettone with a jar of Pistachio Cream. This artisanal Panettone combines the Italian tradition of Panettone with the intense and enveloping flavor of Pistachio. Sciara Pistachio Panettone has a simple dough, without raisins or candied fruits, and is covered with a white chocolate glaze and Pistachio Grain. To be filled as desired with the included Pistachio Cream.


Almond Panettone

Sciara Almond Panettone is a soft artisanal Panettone accompanied by a jar of Almond Cream. Inside an elegant package, you will find our Panettone, an artisanal baked sweet with a soft and fragrant dough, along with a 190-gram jar of our Almond Cream. Sciara Almond Panettone is simple on the inside, to be filled as desired with the amount of our Almond Cream that you prefer.

Panettone alla Mandorla Sciara Bronte
Panettone alla Nocciola Sciara Bronte

Hazelnut Panettone

Sciara Hazelnut Panettone, made exclusively with natural yeast, encloses all the simplicity and goodness of artisanal pastry creations. It contains no candied fruits or fillings, ideal for those who appreciate simple desserts, this Panettone is meant to be filled to your liking with the included Hazelnut Cream. Sciara Panettone is a delightful and soft artisanal sweet created to offer the full flavor of the finest Hazelnuts, topped with a delectable white chocolate glaze and Hazelnut Grain.


Pistachio and Modica chocolate Panettone

Pistachio and Modica Chocolate melt to create an exclusive Panettone. Delicious chocolate chips inside and a dark chocolate coating with pistachio and chocolate grains. The Pistachio and Modica Chocolate Panettone can be filled to your liking with the included Pistachio and Modica Chocolate Cream using the Spalmino, also included. With this Panettone from the 'Le Specialità' line, you can enjoy the irresistible flavor of Pistachio along with the uniqueness of Modica Chocolate, a very intense chocolate obtained through a special cold processing method.

Panettone Pistacchio e "Cioccolato di Modica IGP" Sciara Bronte
Panettone Pistacchio e Arancia di Sicilia Sciara Bronte

Pistachio and Sicilian Orange Panettone

The Sciara 'Le Specialità' Panettone with Pistachio and Sicilian Orange encloses all the expertise of artisan pastry chefs and the intense flavor of premium ingredients. The soft dough of the Pistachio and Orange Panettone, enriched with candied orange, is topped with a delicious dark chocolate coating with pistachio grain and orange cubes. Our Pistachio and Orange Panettone is a strictly artisanal product, soft and fragrant, leavened entirely naturally. It can be filled with the included 60% Pistachio Cream using the practical Spalmino, also included.


Pistachio Christmas cake without milk with Extra virgin olive oil

Made with 100% plant-based ingredients, the Sciara Pistachio Christmas Cake combines the authenticity of the ingredients with the intense flavor of Pistachio and dark Chocolate. This Panettone belongs to the 'Oro' product line, the Sciara 100% vegan products made with extra virgin olive oil. The Sciara Pistachio Christmas Cake has a simple dough, without raisins or candied fruit, and it's covered in dark Chocolate and Pistachio Grain. It can be filled to your liking with the included Pistachio Cream without milk.

Panettone al Pistacchio vegano, senza latte con Olio extravergine d'oliva Sciara Bronte

Gluten-free Pistachio Panettone

Sciara Gluten-Free Pistachio Panettone is a delicious option for those seeking a gluten-free alternative without compromising on taste. The simple dough, without raisins or candied fruit, allows you to customize each slice with the included gluten-free Pistachio Cream. Sciara Gluten-Free Pistachio Panettone offers a unique Christmas experience for those who are gluten-intolerant but love Pistachio!


Advent Calendar

Sciara Advent Calendar is a delightful count down to the most magical night of the year. Every day, from December 13th, the day of Santa Lucia and the related traditions, to December 24th, the eagerly awaited Christmas Eve, you can savor one of the carefully prepared delights by Sciara. A new little box to open each day to discover the taste of Sciara specialties made with Pistachio, Almond, and Hazelnut.

Calendario dell'avvento Sciara Bronte
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