Sciara, la terra del pistacchio

Sciara Easter

Sciara artisanal Colomba cakes are a symbol of celebration, perfect for sharing with your family. Discover also the Easter Eggs with Pistachio, perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to this special season.
Colomba al Pistacchio Sciara Bronte

Pistachio Colomba

Sciara Pistachio Colomba is the result of three slow, natural leavenings and a strictly artisanal process. It stands out from industrial products for the softness and fragrance of the dough, which contains no preservatives or dyes. You can fill it as you like with the included Pistachio Cream. The icing, then, completes this Colomba with all the flavor of white chocolate and delicious Pistachio Grain.


Almond Colomba

Sciara Almond Colomba has a simple dough inside, without candied fruit or filling, soft and fragrant. This artisanal Colomba is covered with white chocolate and almond chips. Made with natural yeast, Sciara Almond Colomba is absolutely free of preservatives and dyes. You can fill it as you like with the included 190-gram jar of Almond Cream.

Colomba alla Mandorla Sciara Bronte
Colomba alla nocciola Sciara Bronte

Hazelnut Colomba

Sciara Hazelnut Colomba is a delightful creation of our master pastry chefs. Characterized by a delicate dough, free of candied fruit or fillings, it has a soft and fragrant texture and is finely coated with white chocolate and Hazelnut Grain. This Colomba is a product without preservatives or dyes, to be filled as desired thanks to the jar of Sciara Hazelnut Cream included in the package.


Pistachio and Modica Chocolate Colomba

Sciara Pistachio Colomba meets Modica chocolate to create a triumph of Sicilian flavors. The Pistachio and Chocolate Colomba is handmade with natural yeast. With a soft and fragrant dough, Sciara Colomba contains no preservatives or dyes. Delicious chocolate chips in the dough and a dark chocolate coating with pistachio and chocolate grains adorn this Colomba. Included in the package is a jar of Pistachio and Modica Chocolate Cream to spread on slices as desired, thanks to the included Sciara Spalmino (small knife).

Colomba Pistacchio e "Cioccolato di Modica IGP" Sciara Bronte
Uovo al Pistacchio Sciara Bronte

Pistachio Easter egg

An Easter Egg with a purely Sicilian flavor. The simple and delicious preparation comes from the union of the best Pistachio with the finest White Chocolate. The process is purely artisanal, and the dough contains no preservatives or dyes. Designed for all Pistachio lovers, Sciara Easter Egg is also great for gifting or surprising your guests with an original and guaranteed success Egg. In the package, along with Sciara Pistachio Egg, you'll find a delightful Sciara surprise.


Easter egg with Pistachio grain

Finest White Chocolate and 100% Pure Pistachio wrapped in a rich coating of Pistachio Grain. With a great visual impact, Sciara Easter Egg with Pistachio Grain will crown your Easter lunch, impressing your guests. A highly appreciated gift for every Pistachio lover. In the package, along with Sciara Pistachio granulated Egg, you will find a delightful Sciara surprise.

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