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Selections of the Sciara specialties made with Pistachio, Almond and Hazelnut, along with delicious gift ideas.
selezione creme spalmabili sciara. Pistacchio, mandorla e nocciola

Spreadable creams Selection

Our spreadable creams are crafted using artisanal methods, free from preservatives and dyes, and they are gluten-free. Perfect as a gift idea, our Spreadable Creams Selection will allow you to discover unique and authentic flavors. Enjoy our creams on bread or crackers, to fill cakes or cookies... they will be irresistible in any case! The package contains 3 jars of 40 grams each: Pistachio Cream, Almond Cream and Hazelnut Cream.


Pistachio Box - Dessert

The Sciara Dessert Box is a small delight for your palate and a perfect gift for Pistachio lovers! With our gift box, you can give a selection of delicacies that will make happy anyone who receives it. Inside our Pistachio Box - Dessert, you will find: a 100 ml bottle of Pistachio Liqueur Cream, a package with 10 bars of Croccantini, and a 150-gram stick of Soft Pistachio Nougat.

Box Pistacchio - Dessert: Crema di Liquore, Croccantini, Torrone morbido

Pistachio Box without milk - Oro

Inside this gift package, you will find only 100% vegan Sciara products, suitable for those with lactose intolerance: Pistachio Cream without milk - La Oro in a 190-gram jar, Pistachio Pesto Oro in a 190-gram jar, and Shelled Pistachio in a 100-gram jar. In one package, you'll have natural Pistachio, Sciara vegan spreadable cream and Pistachio Pesto in extra virgin olive oil.


Pistachio Box - Specialità

This Box contains 4 products with a very intense and unique flavor. You will find Sciara Pistachio and Modica Chocolate spreadable cream in a 190-gram jar, Pistachio and Porcini Pesto in a 190-gram jar, Pistachio and Truffle Pesto in a 190-gram jar and a 100-gram jar of Sciara Minced Pistachio, perfect for garnishing both sweet and savory dishes.

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