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Sicilian artisanal sweets made with care and passion, perfect also as a gift idea.
Croccantini di Pistacchio serviti in un piatto - Sciara Bronte

Pistachio sweet crunchy snack

Small crunchy pastries made with Pistachio and sugar. Sealed in practical single-portion bags, Sciara Pistachio Croccantini are presented in an elegant package of 10 bars. Pistachio Croccantino is an ideal snack at any time of the day, perfect as a dessert, and it reaches its peak of flavor when accompanied by a fine Sicilian Passito wine or a small glass of our Pistachio Liqueur. Enjoy it as it is or get fancy by creating delicious combinations with desserts and ice creams.


Almond Pastries with Pistachio

The delightful Sciara Almond Pastries with Pistachio are an authentic expression of Sicilian pastry tradition. Each sweet is carefully packaged in practical single-serving bags, enclosed in an elegant 500-gram box. These delectable pastries combine 43% almond with the richness of 15% pistachio, creating an ideal snack for any time of the day. Their soft texture and generous dusting of powdered sugar make the Almond Pastries with Pistachio a true delight for the palate. They are gluten-free and preservative-free.

Paste di Mandorla al Pistacchio Sciara Bronte

Almond Pastries

Almond Pastries are one of the symbols of Sicilian pastry tradition. Soft texture and powdered sugar covering. Each portion is carefully packaged in practical single-serving bags, inside an elegant 500-gram box. Sciara Almond Pastries, with their rich 42% almond content, are a perfect snack for any time of the day and are the ideal way to conclude a meal with sweetness. They are recommended to be enjoyed with a fine Sicilian Passito wine or Sciara Pistachio Liqueur. Sciara Almond Pastries offer a unique and intense flavor experience. They are gluten-free and preservative-free.


Pistachio Nougat

Sciara soft Pistachio Nougat is a tempting sweet delight to savor in its simplicity. A cascade of nuts wrapped in the sweetness of honey: the classic and traditional nougat is reimagined in a Bronte style with the quality and taste of Pistachio. When chopped into small pieces, Pistachio Nougat can also be used to enhance spoon desserts or added to melted chocolate to create delicious and original chocolates. The nougat is also an excellent ingredient for making milkshakes, ice creams, semifreddo, and tiramisu. It can also be used to make cookies, mousses, and creams.

Torrone al pistacchio di Sciara Bronte
Praline al pistacchio Sciara Bronte

Pistachio Pralines

Sciara Pistachio Pralines are a genuine sweet temptation carefully packaged in an elegant glass jar; also perfect as a precious gift idea. With a 48% pistachio content, Sciara Pralines are a delightful treat to savor at any time of the day, perfect for coffee break. These Pistachio Pralines combine the incredible richness of white chocolate with the intense pistachio flavor. Inside each Praline, you'll discover a precious whole pistachio, enveloped in the irresistible softness of white pistachio chocolate made with fine white chocolate and Pure pistachio paste.


Pistachio Pan brioche

Sciara Pistachio Pan brioche is an artisanal sweet with natural leavening, covered with pistachio glaze, and enriched with a delightful Pistachio Cream inside. Our Pistachio Pan brioche does not contain raisins or candied citrus peels. This baked dessert has a soft and incredibly fragrant dough that encases a Pistachio Cream with an intense flavor. It is crafted through an artisanal process using natural yeast. Additionally, Sciara Pan brioche is adorned with a delectable glaze made from white chocolate and Pistachio grains. This baked dessert is perfect to enjoy after a meal or to enhance your indulgent breaks.

pan brioche al pistacchio di Sciara Bronte
pan brioche alla mandorla di Sciara Bronte

Almond Pan brioche

Sciara Almond Pan brioche is prepared with natural leavening and covered with white chocolate glaze and delightful almond chips. Inside, it conceals a surprising Almond Cream that enhances its flavor. The soft and fragrant dough embraces the Almond Cream, giving the sweet an extraordinary taste. The delectable covering, composed of white chocolate and almond chips, completes this delicacy. While maintaining the same dough as our Panettone, the Almond Pan brioche is denser and offers the surprise of Almond Cream already inside. This baked masterpiece is perfect to conclude a meal on a sweet note or to treat yourself to a delicious break during the day.


Hazelnut Pan brioche

Sciara Hazelnut Pan brioche is the result of skillful artisan craftsmanship and is exclusively made with natural leavening. Its dough, soft and rich in fragrances, encloses an intensely flavored Hazelnut Cream inside. This baked sweet bread is a perfect companion to conclude a meal beautifully or to indulge in a sweet moment during the day. Sciara Hazelnut Pan brioche is enclosed in an elegant box, embellished with our silver logo, and offers all the pleasure of the finest artisan pastry creations. Furthermore, the delectable covering with white chocolate and Hazelnut grains complete the taste experience.

pan brioche alla nocciola di Sciara Bronte

Pistachio Ice cream Kit

A practical kit for easily making excellent Pistachio Gelato. Here are the ingredients in our Pistachio Gelato Kit:

  • The 100% Pistachio Cream will give your gelato all the unique and intense taste of real pistachio.
  • The Fiordilatte Base is a ready base packed in a convenient and hygienic 1000 ml carton. The mixture is born from a unique recipe made with selected ingredients: fresh Italian milk, cream, and sugar.
  • The Pistachio grains are the precious touch that will make your Pistachio Gelato irresistible. Our kit is useful for making 1 kg of Pistachio Gelato.

Hazelnut Ice cream Kit

Thanks to our practical kit, you can make an irresistible Hazelnut Gelato in a few simple steps, even without an ice cream maker. Inside the Hazelnut Gelato Kit package, you will find:

  • 1 90 g jar of 100% Hazelnut Cream (Pure Hazelnut Paste)
  • 1 liter pack of Fiordilatte Base
  • 1 100 g jar of Hazelnut grains
  • Instructions for use.

Our kit is useful for making 1 kg of Hazelnut Gelato.

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