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Ice cream Bases

The Ice Cream Bases by Sciara, available in Pistachio, Almond, and Hazelnut flavors, are made with high-quality ingredients, without additives or preservatives.
gelato al pistacchio fatto in casa, Sciara Bronte

Pistachio Ice cream Base

Pistachio Paste available in various types, suitable for a wide range of applications. Sciara Ice Cream Base is the result of a careful selection of raw materials, an ideal product for making desserts and artisanal ice cream, but capable of satisfying various usage needs: from traditional ice cream to spoon desserts, from savory dishes to creams. All the unique, intense, and unmistakable flavor of Pistachio in a convenient and high-quality product. The recommended dose is 100 grams for 1 liter of ice cream white base.


Almond Ice cream Base

Almond Ice Cream Base obtained exclusively from the highest quality almonds, ideal for use in pastry and gelato making. An ideal semi-finished product for preparing parfaits, ice creams, and semifreddos. Pure almond paste free from artificial additives, dyes and added oils, made from peeled almonds and natural bitter almond flavor. A precious base for many recipes, such as almond milk and the classic granita, Sciara Pure Almond Paste maintains the unique flavor of Sicilian almonds intact.

gelato alla mandorla fatto in casa su brownie al cioccolato, Sciara Bronte
gelato alla nocciola fatto in casa, Sciara Bronte

Hazelnut Ice cream Base

Pure Hazelnut Paste that encloses all the intense fragrance and flavor of the finest Italian Hazelnuts. Sciara Hazelnut Ice cream Base is an essential quality product to impart a full and unmistakable taste to pastry and gelato creations. Sciara pure paste is excellent for enriching creams, cakes and cookies, as well as for the preparation of authentic artisanal Hazelnut gelato. The Hazelnuts are toasted, processed, and reduced to a paste without altering the properties of the fruit and preserving all its nutrients.

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